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About Us


Born in Europe

The idea of a smart glass manipulator originated in 2008 when Ole Kobaek invented the first Smartlift® in Denmark. His invention quickly evolved to become a leading glass manipulator in Northern Europe. Soon many other machine manufacturers recognized the genius in his design and the usability of glass manipulators in the construction industry. Therefore, many variations of “glass robots” were quickly added to the market with additional features and benefits beyond the original Smartlift.

Ole, however, re-created a smarter lift beyond his first prototype. Now, his new SmartGroup Lift has critical enhancements and safety improvements, which he observed in other glass manipulators, and made them standard features making it the smartest lift in the industry.

Home in America

SmartGroup America researched the North American market and conducted numerous formal and informal interviews with some very capable glass manipulator dealers. While we were honored to consider many potential partners who sought to join our efforts to bring the SG Lift to America, the decision to choose ONE company as our primary distributor in North America became clearly obvious to our board and investors.

To promote our SmartGroup brand we have selected Skyreach Equipment, Inc. in Maryland as the smartest choice.

More than just a 40 + year family-owned business, Skyreach has been honored to serve the Mid-Atlantic and US Capital region with high quality rental equipment since 2015. Kevin Gray, the VP of Operations for Skyreach, has made it his life goal to improve safety, lead and direct competency training for equipment operators, and deliver and maintain quality and reliable rental equipment on construction sites.

Because of Kevin’s dedication, leadership, and compassion, the establishment of SmartGroup America has been entrusting to Mr. Gray as the premier distributor of its product in North America. We recognize that Kevin empowers his team to lead and conduct business around a set of core values – supplying quality equipment while providing unmatched customer service – we have observed that Skyreach responds proactively to the industry’s call to train glaziers to safely and skillfully operate equipment commonly used during construction projects. Kevin’s humble service and steady leadership helped make our partnership decision easy.